Tuesday, January 22, 2013


OMFG, I'm not enjoying things right now in the realm of gainful employment. Funny how we unleashed a deluge of posts to blast us through the new year, but now we've gone dark. Here's to getting a head start on beating the record again this year. Of course, I could just write some filthy post bot to run up the count, but that would be soft of me.


  1. That's funny. Is that Lucy Liu or am I just racist?

    I visited the blog because I was going to write a post entitled "Things I Didn't Know," but the only one I had ready was the fact that the Unabomber actually had his manifesto published in a few major newspapers, as was in his demands.

    I just thought that was somewhat of an extraordinary feat. Its a good time to be an observer instead of an actual partaker in the serious world of bizniss. World's fucking crazy, yo.

  2. That is Lucy Liu, AND you are racist. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.