Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sandy Hook

(P.S. Kevin I watch the video of the Dad laughing and although it's very odd behavior, there's no way it's definitive evidence that there was some sort of cover up going on. I read through article after article debunking all the crazy "Sandy Hook Truther" theories out there, and it's incredible that people are in such denial about the murder of over 20 children that they're reaching for every possible straw to somehow blame Obama. For fuck's sake.)


  1. It's definitive evidence that he is acting. Make what you will of the other facts.

  2. Actually it hardly qualifies as "definitive evidence." That would be his admission that he was acting while holding paperwork showing he was an employee of the Crisis Actors group or whatever its called.

  3. Or he could just fail so thoroughly and consistently that anyone who has spent more than a few hours doing amateur theater would know he's a hack. That's pretty definitive. Or maybe he's a grieving man who coincidentally behaves as if he's acting really, really shittily. I doubt that.

  4. The 'amateur theater hours' thing sounds weird and bad; it not a dig or anything. The point is that it should seem clear to you that Robbie is a actor if you are familiar with the signature fails of bad acting.

  5. Sorry, thats not "evidence." That's simply your assertation. There's a big difference between the two.

    This whole thing smells of heinous anus.

  6. The biggest problem that if that guy is in fact an actor, everyone at that school must be involved in a vast conspiracy. So when you say that it's "definite evidence that he is acting," you're actually saying that the whole thing was a big cover up. The teacher would most definitely know whether or not that was really the dad of one of the students. The school would know. So, if you accept that the fellow in question was "acting," then you are accepting that the entire thing is a hoax or cover-up, and like I said, the rest of the facts don't add up.

  7. How did they get all the teachers at Sandy Hook to go along with it? They are grade school teachers one day and professionally-trained actors sworn to uphold a dark, lifelong secrecy the next??

    Perhaps Sandy Hook and Newton didn't even exist before the shootings? How do we know we've never been there.

    Logic Fail.

  8. I make point: Robbie Parker is an actor.

    You make point: Conspiracies are impossible!

    Logic fail.

    You make the same mistake all anti-conspiracy theorists make. "I can't accept obvious point x because the implications of x involve the existence of some impossible conspiracy y." I don't know whats going on with the police, teachers, parents etc. But I know Robbie Parker is acting. I don't know what the exact implication of this knowledge are, but I'm not going to dismiss these implications, which again, I DON'T UNDERSTAND, as being impossible.

    Dude is acting some crazy bullshit right up in your face. But you can't accept it because it shatters your worldview, again, based on some implications YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND or can only speculate about. How about you drop the anti-conspiracy theory crap, man up, and accept the fact that you would never cast 'Robbie Parker' in a role that required the expression of grief.




    WTF GUYS???????

    (caps intentional)

  10. One guy inexplicably smiling for a few seconds does not mean Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    You've heard about "shock" right? Is it possible the man was in a state of shock and the death of his daughter had not set in yet?

    What about the dozens of other parents who have come out since the conspiracy video was released? They're all acting, too?

    You ignored my question -- were all the teachers at Sandy Hook actors or were they teachers trained ahead of time to act?

    I know you're sure that Sandy Hook didn't happen. I've laid down what would make me believe that Sandy Hook DID happen (confession from ANYBODY involved).

    So my last question is, what evidence would have to come out to make you believe Sandy Hook was _not_ a hoax? Does it even exist?

  11. Kevin, a lot of your argument is predicated on what you think I think. I am simply asking questions that poke serious holes in the idea that this was a conspiracy, and you are failing to answer them, instead just telling me what I must be thinking.

    You may know more about acting than me, but I know more about psychology than you, and I know there aren't clear-cut behaviors that people should fall into when experiencing a unique traumatic event. Everybody experiences trauma and stress differently. Besides, how do you know the guy hadn't been crying his eyes out for the last 20 hours, and maybe he needed a 5-second break to laugh?

    The fact that the audio was purposefully turned off when the woman was talking to Anderson Cooper just makes me think, wow how scummy to manipulate people's grief to fit their own worldview. These people definitely aren't on to anything. If they were, they wouldn't need to twist the evidence or their viewers' train of thought in order for their story to be convincing.

    I never said conspiracies are impossible, you said I said that. I am saying this one is bogus as fuck.