Friday, January 11, 2013

The Bear is coming for us.

The largest structure in the known universe, AKA The Bear, has been spotted by man for the first time. The Bear is thought to be a sentient entity that resides in deep space and whose neurobiological framework is composed of intergalactic wormholes fueled by a series of ongoing fusion reactions. Even though its existence has already been proven theoretically, the fact that The Bear has allowed itself to be seen suggests it is coming this way, perhaps because of its penchant for digestion of dark matter as sustenance. Hide your kids, hide your wives, because The Bear's rapin' everybody up in here.


  1. I think i still have our original drawing of "Da Universe," which includes The Bear and a few other interesting celestial realms, such as "Northwest Nothingness."

  2. That paper is the evidence that proves the theoretical existence of The Bear, to which I was referring. That would be a sweet find, you should scan that shit.