Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show list for the Spring Quarter, 2013

Even though I don't have cable, TV is still awesome, cuz you can see just about anything online, via YouTube, Netflix, torrents (thankfully still legal, even if in a shady kind of way), or the show's homepage.

Here are a few TV shows that I am mildly anxiously awaiting.

1. Sons of Anarchy - Hellboy's time in the MC is up.. Although he didn't make it to Belfast with Peggy Bundy, he did get put in jail instead. I thought he was gonna die at the end of the last season but it turns out they're keeping him around in case they need him... to open a special can of troglodyte whoopass, I suppose. I heard Ron Perlman is actually awesome in real life and likes to karaoke Frank Sinatra in his spare time.

2. Boardwalk Empire - Donnie rises from the ashes to be elected Atlantic City Treasurer during the prohibition era. Having learned much from Walter and The Dude, Donnie embraces the dark side of nihilism while transforming himself from shit-taker to shit-giver. Lots of violent deaths. Thank Fuck Showtime and HBO aren't very censored.

3. Tosh.0 - you can't go wrong with YouTube clips and Tosh's racist, homo-friendly humor.

4. Kroll Show - Ruxpin from The League (aka El Chupacabra, aka Bobby Bottle Service) gets his own show. Very peculiar, slightly queer, and not at all serious. Its pretty much a series of faux reality shows, my favorite one being called "Rich Dicks."

5. Gangland - oh man, this show is awesome. Sometimes I get dismayed by how often they play the same screaming man sound effect (10-40x per episode) and how they use the same 2 or 3 clips of music ad nauseum, but I like learning about criminal organizations. It takes a kind of stupid I am unfamiliar with to be a gangbanger, but it takes intelligence to organize criminals into sophisticated networks that can pull off major heists. This paradoxical juxtaposition of intellect has always perplexed me in a stimulating manner.

Honorable Mentions:

Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States - for liberal fags who hate America
Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell - he finds a way to keep racial differences funny, something seemingly played out
Southland - L.A. cops who desperately need Denzel from Training Day ("pass me the bitch!")
Comedy Bang Bang! - I still really like the podcast, and hope its better this season.

I heard Walking Dead is quite good but I can't get myself to watch it. I just don't care about zombies.

Damn if I generated this much content once a week for mine own website, it would be pretty kickass. Alas, its easier to freeform it than write more structuredly.


  1. When does the new season of Breaking Huge start up? That's the nougat for which I've been yearnin' real deep like.

  2. Ahhh I totally forgot about that.

    "The final season of Breaking Bad is set to make its return on July 14 with its 9th episode, titled The Decision."

  3. The Decision: Will Walt make more meth or less?

  4. Walt needs to do something drastic with his cash pile, like purchase an island and his own third-world army.