Monday, March 25, 2013

Now I hate Apple again...

I never liked Apple products.  When I turned 18 or so I stopped caring because, well, who cares about that stuff.  Then I saw this and once again my heart swells with righteous hate.


  1. Yeah I'm not down with the whole iPhone fanboy bandwagoning, same thing with the iPads. I do need some hot music software thats compatible with Windows 8.

    I have to hand it to Apple when it comes to perfecting the mp3 player -- they kind of have a monopoly on the whole podcasting industry but its cool for now.

  2. I'm certainly no Apple fanboy, but I do have an iFlame 5. It's pretty good.

    Apple is good at creating an integrated package that's clean, and also at having all their stuff work well together with less fuss. Those strengths also lead to Apple's biggest weakness, which is a lack of support for customization and lack of support for power-user features. By having a more closed system, by trying to control everything, by disallowing tweaks, and by minimizing the number of configurations which must be tested and supported, Apple products lose flexibility, but they gain a consistency of interface and a plug-and-play paradigm which has a better chance of working out of the box than other systems which are more open.

    That's my theory, anyway. I like to have the option to play in both worlds. For many things, the simple and consistent Apple philosophy is great, but I also need the ability to jump onto my Windows-based PC to do more advanced things like audio creation, gaming, and what not.

  3. I like Apple and I think they deserve all their fame, but I'm just sick of their line of commercials that feature two dudes blowing each other.