Monday, March 18, 2013

Sloppy Samuel

Mondu, sorry I was too sloppy to keep chops clean the other night. I dirted out and didn't maintain crispness of hands. Oh well.


  1. I don't really remember much of what was happening at that point. I know it took about 40 min. to tune and adjust my guitar strap. Then we were rockin some shit with Brian for a few minutes before everyone left the man cave. Then we were chillin with Tory outside and I was doing some kind of conductorial beat box thing. Apparently the cops came. It was hoss though. I'm sure my chops were softened by the onslaught of guiness consumption. That and the massive bee lunt that Brian rolled.

  2. Yeah. Ski and hella Bs unfortunately cause my motor skills to go away. Wouldn't it be awesome if it made one's chops just hotter and hotter? If that were the case, I probably would have accidentally killed myself by this point.