Monday, April 15, 2013

"After I'm dead, none of this will matter."

- "Big Benbot" Bernanke, AKA The Moleman

That's the only rationale he could possibly have for printing money in order to buy U.S. treasury bonds. I thought the government was supposed to sell bonds to other people, not to itself. If the government then takes a huge loss on said bonds, say after China and Japan are fed up with our currency manipulation and sell all their U.S. bonds, who really loses?

I guess the safe bet is always on the U.S. because if it were to fail, it could fuck up everybody, and nobody wants that. Just ask Iceland. Still, 2 years worth of gold gains were just wiped out in the last 2 days; something's up.


  1. Good thing I moved all my holdings into cutting edge porn domain names.

  2. You see unlike precious metals, porn domain names have intrinsic value. At some point in the future there will be a porn producer who will need your domain name, guaranteed. The question is, do you go long with domain names that the world isn't quite ready for yet like '', or go short with more mundane and immediately salable names like ''.

    Seriously though, I've been reading through many debates about intrinsic value and what may or more may not have it. My conclusion is that either it doesn't exist, or it means something that undermines the term 'intrinsic'.

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