Tuesday, April 16, 2013


... yeah except the problem is, the video is edited together out of sequence. In the original episode, Peter wins the marathon by driving his car over everybody else in the race, not by detonating explosives! The explosives detonation has nothing to do with the marathon in that episode. 

This is why I have big problems with a lot of modern-day conspiracy theories: their proponents latch on to supportive evidence to such a crazy degree that their ego won't let them re-evaluate the quality of the evidence and how it actually fits into the grand scheme of things. 

Most internet "evidence" I've seen for modern-day conspiracies is basically a version of the above dialog, though some are a bit more crafty and cunning in their manipulation than others. 

What's a more likely conspiracy is that bud is super potent now, causing a decent segment of the population to be chronically paranoid about shit that's not really real.

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