Monday, April 01, 2013


... was the least visited country in the world in 2012, being tiny and out in the middle of nowhere. With obesity and unemployment rates in the 90s and a life expectancy in the 60s, they are also the most fucked nation in the world. The country is 8 square miles but divided into 14 different districts, making it about twice as big as what I would consider to be my neighborhood, but with far less people (9,300).  Their land was stripped for its sweet phosphate some time ago.

The 25 least visited country list is here, and its a really interesting article.

I spent about 2 hrs on Wikipedia reading about some of these various countries last night, then another 2 hrs reading about ancient civilizations as I was sucked down a Wikipedia hole.


  1. Nauru generals shocked the world last week when they claimed that the island nation posseses hand-thrown spears which are capable of reaching the US mainland.

    "Lakwimbe, our large-armed Polynesian warrior, has forearms of such Popeye-like girth that he is able to strike US targets with pinpoint accuracy," claimed one Nauru military official.

    The Obam-ulator responded:

    "This latest round of hot-headed blustering will only serve to further isolate Nauru people. Stricter sanctions will now deprive them of high-end video cards, such that they will be unable to play the latest PC games with a silky smooth frame rate."

  2. LOL.

    The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan looks hoss as fuck.

    I saw something similar on the big island, but instead of a methane crater it was sulfur dioxide. Billions of tons of smoke being poured into the atmosphere every day.

    If only it was THC burning down there...

  3. This article was a spring board into a 2 hour history lesson on micronesian peoples. I learned that the whitey's gave the Nauran's some guns and booze. Then a decade long tribal conflict broke out for very little reason. Then the German's annexed the island and confiscated the guns and alcohol. The islanders where pleased with this.

    I love isolated places like this, the ultimate example being Bouvet island, the most isolated location on earth.

  4. Also, WTF is up with North Korea? Obviously they can't fuck with the US, so either they're really, really stupid, or they're trying to start a proxy war for China. Hopefully it's the former.