Thursday, April 04, 2013

Video game artwork that wasn't trying to be gay, but...

It might be the case that his abs are showing through because his armor was ripped, but it kind of looks like the suit was designed with a bare midriff.

Skin-tight purple tank top and matching purple pants. Leather boots. Princess sword, and an effeminate pose. Oh yeah.

The tender longing in Haggar's eyes belies a forbidden need to kiss the man he's just met in the truck-stop men's room.

This one would require just the smallest amount of digital manipulation to make it ideal.


  1. When I was a kid I thought the Strider art was tight. I was probably distracted by the awesomeness of 8 raw megabits of genesis formatted data in my hands. Or maybe it was the sophisticated shading on his shirt. I think you let me borrow that game in 6th grade.

  2. Yeah. In terms of anticipation, and subsequent jubilation, I creamed my jeans over Strider more than any other game that has ever crossed my path. I was at just the right age: old enough to appreciate the quality, and young enough to still get totally worked up with insane levels of excitement which I can just no longer achieve.

  3. Is Strider about a man who strides very well?

    I'm upset that they gave Lara Croft a breast reduction for her most recent game. One of the best things about the first Tomb Raider was swan diving off perilous cliffs and sometimes not living.