Thursday, May 02, 2013

Brilliant patents for u...

Beer Umbrella
 Cereal Monster (probably not detailed enough for a patent)

 Arm Mitten, weather be damned
Upside-down-person-on-your-face mask
Toilet Breather, because it's fresh down there
 Unnecessarily complicated tent warmer
 Human Car Wash/Acid Trip Enhancer
 Heated Ice Cream Scooper/Cigarette Moistener
 Can you patent punctuation marks?

Mutant Ready
Gerbil Fun Suit


  1. The Funioner: a string-and-pulley system that delivers funions from a bag in your lap to your mouth.

    The Rudy Locator: an app that helps Bill Cosby track Keshia Knight Pulliam.

    The Sausage Whizz: a slightly curved metal rod used for poking holes lengthwise through sausages so you can use them as straws.

  2. Holy Shit did you write all that? i'm guessing it was somehow job related?