Monday, May 06, 2013

Nerd³ - Surgeon Simulator

I laughed several times, pretty heartily at this content. I'm not really a fan of geeks playing videogames on Youtube, but this Brit is very quick-witted, and the game is ridiculous as fuck.

I'm pretty sure the game designer did absolutely no research for this game, like that was a commitment. He made a bet he could make the whole game without ever cracking open a medical textbook or hopping on Wikipedia to see if brain transplant surgery was a real thing or not.


  1. I bought that game on Steam about a week ago. It's very short, but fun. It will have good replay value while drinking.

  2. I died laughing when the drill got stuck in the guys chest cavity and started spinning around. And also when he was trying to throw the diseased kidney into his mouth.

    And then I got better.

  3. Bonus level: The C-Section.