Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WAVdata in III-D

I recently acquired Steinberg Wavelab and Cockos Reaper, both which have excellent mastering capabilities. There seems to be a big bass spike in the last third of the song. A professional would lower that spike before proceeding but I'm letting the plugins work their magic, continuing to believe that it is magic.

I wonder if it would be possible to recreate a sloppy version of this song by feeding this data into a translating program, and what that would sound like. Maybe like a chorus of deaf people humming the song or something.


  1. That's a novel way to generate terrain maps. We can create some virtual mountain ranges based off our favorite songs.

  2. If only you could reach out an massage your sinusoids directly..

  3. "Reach out'n Massage" is a sequel to the popular '80s arcade game "Rush'n Attack." You gotta love that not-so-overt dig at the Ruskies.