Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flaming Hard

I haven't seen a Cleansmanship flame war this heated since the great stock prediction argument of yesteryear. My recommendation: Let go of the desire to convince your fellow cleansman, and silently move on, confident in your own perception of truth and reality. Now here are some ligers to break the spell...


  1. Not really a flame war. The debate has been pretty impersonal actually.

    It seemed like the debate was over until Cy just recently took us beyond the acting stuff, which is fine. If we want to speculate about that stuff we are stuck with a bunch of piecemeal facts about Adam Lanza, the aimless milling around of the people at the fire station, the incongruity of the 911 call (reporting 100+ shots fired) with the testimony of the kids, etc.

    You can put that together how you will. But the acting crap is undeniable.

    Sorry to bring this into this thread.

    I'm an insane elfman now. ->

  2. I deleted my last post because its one of the most tasteless things I've done recently.

  3. They look like hyper-extended tigers.

  4. Again, I gotta say, as furious as that debate was, it was pretty civil throughout. We should tour the forums of the internets, giving lessons on how to optimize the civility-to-furiosity ratio of people's debates

  5. Well the good news is if some person, alien or machine reads our blog from beginning to end it will have some intensely dramatic soap opera-eqsue moments.