Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sound Artist

After all these years, I finally discovered the draw tool in SoundForge. I had to revert back to an old version in order to find one compatible with Windows Hate, but it works just the same. I call this one Watch Out For That Shark:

This one is called Big City Skyline:

It sounds like 40 milliseconds of static. 


  1. Such power. There is a whole world of manual sample editing that I haven't really tapped into yet, like combining several kick samples into one massive kick where each sample contributes a limited frequency range (like one for bass, one for mids, one for treble). Then edit the overall contour with manual draw-ins.

  2. They're kind of fucked up and uneven because I drew them with my right hand, which is also my mouse hand.

    I surmise this is the case because the left half of your brain is the logical, rational-acting half and it better fits my cognitive essence to use my right hand for mouse-al activities.

    I read the rest of my Audio Post Production book recently, which is mainly about mastering, and am having a ball with the Ozone 4 VST plugin, attempting to remaster some of the Cyrusfx back catalog.

  3. You should send me a copy of Cy Do Acid if you have it and I'll make it extra punchy and crisp.

  4. I cleaned up and augmented that track for a class many years ago. I think I have it on a CDR somewhere. Be warned, there is now a shitty djembe riff at the end.