Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Birthday to AMERICA.


  1. That looks like the Camel Roaster 3000 with high-torque motor upgrade.

  2. I like how the heat from Hulk's biceps produces enough flame to roast a whole camel.

  3. I hope that camel hump is filled with beer, wine, vinaigrette reduction, freedom sauce, or some other kind of choice marinade.

    By the way, I'm bothered by the disparity in size between Hulk's biceps. He looks soft on the right, but maybe that's just a Photoshop masking error.

    By the way again, I was thinking the other day how Native Americans often used feathers in their headdress and garb in order to show power and strength. However, it seems to me that the feather has become something of a soft and feminine symbol in modern times. This came to mind because of Hulk's tricep feathers.