Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summary of the Post Zimmerman Trial Internet Debate....

Commenter 1: "Trayvon Martin!  Racism is bad!"

Commenter 2: "NSA! Problems with the Gov't are more important!"

BTW, I don't have an opinion on the verdict.  Shit's just entertaining.


  1. Because I am bored and sober I will respond to this.

    While Zimmerman technically didn't break any (Florida state) laws, he's still a gargantuan-sized asshole.

    You probably heard the police recording where the cops ask Zimmerman if he's following Treyvon around and say "Mmmkay, we don't need you to be doing that..."

    On top of that (there doesn't need to be anything on top of that, but) his fiancee filed a restraining order against him for domestic violence concerns, he called the police department 46 times in 8 years reporting suspicious activity, his family members said he openly talked about how he hates black people and how he's an extremely confrontational person.

    However, there's no law against being an asshole, and you are legally allowed to kill people if you do it just right. So, its technically not an "injustice." Just extremely fucked up.

  2. There's a court case in Honolulu currently underway that is extremely analogous to the Zimmerman case, except the defendant was a federal agent and the victim wasn't a minor. And both parties were drunk.

    You should google Christopher Deedy, skip his defense fund websites and Facebook support pages and try to read some of the actual news stories.