Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cleansmanship the Fantasy Football League returns!

For its second consecutive season. You should somehow communicate your email address to me if you'd like to join, unless you're Co and I already sent you an email invite. Draft orders need to be set by Sept. 1st! Go big or go clean or go soft.

one of the first Google Image search results for "NFL heat"


  1. I kinda want to, but I also kinda have no working knowledge of football, and I'm soft in the ways of keeping up with such things. I'll think about it, but I'd generally choose to waste my time in a different way, such as drinkin' and playing drums in my new mini man cave.

  2. I thought it was pretty fun last year..

  3. It only takes about 5 minutes a week. Don't be soft.

  4. It's hard to say no to James Woods, looking like that. I may yet do it, but I may yet soft out.

  5. Say No to Soft Core Porn

    and Softouts.

    James Woods Commands This Of You.

    Besides, Gorem won last time. So I can't even brag, and it also means I'm not that good at football stats either.

    It won't be a Cleansmanship league without you, homey.

  6. I caved to the will of The Woods.