Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still not loving Police....

Things that are not good:

Loving Police.  Wasting valuable chops building time.  French subterfuge.  Most hip hop

Things that are good:

The Stanley Parable and Gone Home.  Exploiting your large hand size to play massive chords.  Obama's diplomatic skillz.  Kurt Rosenwinkel.  The imminent release of Cloverfield II.  Ghost movies that are actually scary. 

As you can see the good outweighs the bad and thus encourages optimism.


  1. Doug,

    You've been incommunicado for a while. I was thinking about actually calling you with a telephonic device. I trust that you're not pwned.

  2. The Bad:

    Death by 1000 Cuts, embarrassment, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The Good:

    bacon bbq burgers, DNA, finishing up a successful piss

  3. The Filth:

    -Justing Bieber's "The Key" fragrance line.

    -Temperature loss due to leaving a bed's warmth bubble in the morning.

    -The fact that musicians are somehow able to parlay their stardom into other avenues, such as fragrance and clothing lines.

    The Win:

    -Meerkats (prairie dogs not so much)

    -Having multiple activities and trains of thought all piping at the same time, such that when you have to wait for feedback from one thing, you can temporarily jump to the next. In other words, juggling the perfect number of tasks such that you're never bored, but also not overtaxed.

    -The staying power of C++ in the face of naysayers who predicted that it should have faded from relevance long before now.

  4. The Good: When the homosexual community appropriates a pop stars fragrance line, thus undermining its appeal amongst the mainstreamers. Bjarne Stroustrup's well encapsulated and hidden legacy. Extra free ranch dressing from the fast food place. Unlimited salad possibilities.

    Bad: The end of breaking bad, which was good, but bad.

  5. It makes me happy that Jesse lived, even though he is now a PTSD-adled emotional zombie of sorts.

    How about Hank being blown away by the methbilly? He should have just retired. Got really into model planes or something.