Friday, January 24, 2014

Going Back 2 Cali Part II: Acoustic Boogaloo

I'll be in S.B. proper between Feb 12 - 17... We should definitely hang out and do stuff. Rumor has it M. Night ShamaLydon will be in town. Don't quote me on that.

edit: Fun Cleansmanship Fact: Did you know Cleansmanship is one of about a dozen websites I regularly visit on the internet? The rest of the internet is effectively dead to me now. Here's my most trafficked webites, roughly in order (valuable data to the right bot):

1. Facebook
2. Wikipedia
3. Google
4. Google News
5. Google Finance
6. Cleansmanship
7. YouTube
8. Google Maps
9. LAPD Blog
10. Huffington Post
11. Yahoo! Finance
12. CNBC Pre-Market Data


  1. In afterthought there's a couple of websites I purposefully disqualified from being publicly ranked.

  2. Yeah, son. We should try to hang out that weekend if possible.