Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nice shirt...

... to get arrested for meth in.

I hope Blogger posts this picture. Sometimes it deletes pictures I add in a copy-and-paste manner. In case it does, the picture is of a stubbled young caucasian male wearing a "Los Pollos Hermanos" t-shirt, from the AMC hit TV series Breaking Bad.

It was nice seeing you Doug, and by Doug, I mean you, Douglas O'Reiley, the 3rd. It was fun hanging out and your pad is pretty dope. I worry that cognitive enhancement technologies of the future may destroy my essence. And I'm still pretty sure that you are attracted to Asian women because your particular early life experiences hardcoded your poon preferentialism into your nubile, clean-slated brain. I just didn't want to oppose your viewpoint in your own household, out of respect. 

I suppose there are some hardwired genetic factors that could guide the criteria of female attractiveness to a certain degree but from what I remember sensory input also stimulates neurogenesis and helps early neural pathways connect in a coherent manner.

For example, people born blind can develop significant mental impairments if they aren't given additional auditory and/or tactile stimulation while their brain is still growing, probably because vision is the most important sense. Although in some scenarios I prefer being blind to deaf because for me personally I feel more connected to humanity through audio. But you gotta have vision though because then you can walk around without a cane and a dog. 

The weight of emotional connections to memories is weird and seemingly haphazard, but frequently they serve a purpose. Like the time I got food poisoning from a Subway chicken sandwich 5 years ago. Its been 5 years but I'm still not comfortable with the idea of eating at Subway. 

I kind of lost focus with the point of this rather longish post, so I'm going to stop now. 


  1. It was nice to see you as well. I'm glad you survived your early-AM cab ride. Just remember that we all need to outlive Kurzweil. I was into Asians before it was cool.

  2. "The Society to Outlive Ray Kurzweil" is my newest non-profit, but right now we are only accepting Dogecoin donations.

  3. Maybe we can find this guy's 5-years-later picture on the "Faces of Meth" site. I'll bet he now looks like a hargraven from Skyrim.