Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Interesting selection of my recent google searches...

1) diy dentistry
2) hipster bullshit
3) loosen strings truss rod
4) m7b5 ideas
5) movies like cloverfield
6) chick corea solo albums
7) huell howser art episode
8) jazz musicians heroin
9) will fedex take an expired id
10) epic of gilgamesh best translation
11) reddit jailbait
12) timeline of civilizations
13) importance of mystery music


  1. I think you should combine search terms as follows:

    "Huell Howser m7b5 mystery music timeline of Gilgamesh dentistry"

  2. That could actually be a good way to develop tough passwords that are easy to recall, but difficult to crack...


    ...would be a solid password, although maybe too long for some sites.

    This concept was discussed on the show "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver." The following password was suggested: