Sunday, December 21, 2014

OK, so I'm not actually pimpin it, just yet...

... but I did have to move to an even more notorious (gross) Red Light district than the one where I lived in Waikiki (for 3 weeks).

But hey its still a step up for me and I'll take it. Out of pure luck, I got a second chance, then a third chance at life and living, so praise Allah. God Is Great. Richard Dawkins can piss off for the time being.

Now here's some more random Hawaii pictures.

View from the penthouse office lanai.. My boss is big pimpin, for real.

 I sank that putt to make my first ever even (0) score in frolf, at Hawaii's only permanent disc golf course, on the Turtle Bay resort grounds. Its where that movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall takes place.

Then of course, Waikiki is still only 3-4 miles away. Though it will be more of a bitch beating the crowds on the 5-8 foot days. 

Almost forgot this one: 

I can't exactly reason why Longs (its still called Longs here, just trust me) would put their Sex Wax right there. In between the duct tape and... what appears to be some chains and some sort of adhesive tape. I guess they do not carry any other sport equipment of absolutely any kind. I'm lucky our one sporting goods store sells frolf discs. 

PS: so if you guys ever want to come out and have a place to stay, you're more than welcome. Just get that plane ticket and I'll take care of insuring the good times.

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  1. Sounds like a pleasant existence. I'd love to hit that place up with yall but my cashlessnes is a thing.