Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So what do y'all think of the hot, hot heat?

And by that I mean the new Star Wars trailer.

I don't need to post it cuz I know y'all seen it.

I'm just hoping that we didn't see all the best parts of the movie already (in the trailer).


  1. I'm cautiously optimistic. If it does happen to be unclean, I don't think I will be able trick myself into believing that I liked it, which I think is what I did for Episodes I and II in large part.

    I think it's likely that it will be good, but I'm concerned that J.J. Abrams will make it more of a J.J. Abrams type movie, and less of a Star Wars movie. I really liked his first Star Trek movie, but I felt in some ways like it wasn't very trekish. It was less cerebral and more action than I'd come to know and love from the series.

    We shall see.

  2. I haven't seen it. Nice day here in SB though.