Friday, May 29, 2015

II. On May 24th, we received 265 page views.

Maybe there was a flood of people checking out Kevin's GURPS post.

The most visited post in the last month:

66 pageviews


  1. We need to just start posting porn occasionally. I guarantee that will up our hit counts like nobody's business. At the very least, we can just type a bunch of porn keywords as the sign off for every post, as in...

    sluts, slutes, sloots, tight box, asian ultra tang, MILF island, cream blaster flex factory, porn, pr0n, nrop, norp, etc.

  2. I always thought it was funny that a lot of porn sites have those "like on Facebook" buttons, or "embed this video on your page" code. We could just use this blog to post our favorite porn scenes but that would be dirty and unright.