Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things I don't like to hear people say...

1)  I don't like Radiohead.  They are too depressing.

2)  The Jade Helm excercise will result in the internment of US citizens in tunnels underneath walmart stores.  Obama will then be able to establish his Islamic caliphate.

Actually there aren't that many things I don't like to hear people say.  I do understand the concerns of the right wingers though.  Their fear is just misdirected, and they're kind of going crazy.

Here's the screen where you pick your 'tuff' in Bad Blood, fabled Origin systems adventure game from the early 90s.


  1. So, Ressok is the blue guy and the other three are tuffs? I assume so, because the blue guy is holding his mutated hand up against his chin as if to suggest he is deep in thought regarding which tuff is most apt for the mission.

  2. Ya, iirc Ressok was some chieftain/leader guy who supplied the backstory. Then on that screen you choose your avatar, appropriately termed 'tuff' in the game. I remember always going with the green guy. I think his advantage was hoss melee abilities and improved stamina.

  3. You can play a lot of old DOS games online in your browser: