Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This is a parody of the film Whiplash.  It might not be too entertaining if you haven't seen that movie but thats chill yo.   


  1. I didn't see that movie but that's a pretty hilarious concept nonetheless.

    The irony is I'm sitting here wearing a shirt for a rave that I DJ'd at 5 years ago. Mainly just because it has my name on the back.

    The Skrillex academy... thats gold, Jerry, gold.

    Also, the tune that drops around the 1:33 mark is actually pretty tight, whatever it is.

  2. That would be awesome if there actually was a DJ/electronic musician who was so furious on the spacebar that he regularly bled on it as a matter of course. It would be like GWAR meets EDM.

  3. I did see Whiplash just recently, and it was good, as was this parody.