Thursday, July 23, 2015

Newsflash: The Onion Continues to Win

Man Pushed Off Plate Of Chicken Wings By Larger Male 

WARMINSTER, PA—Looking on as the intense display of aggressive behavior played out over several minutes, sources at Flannigan’s Bar & Grill confirmed Thursday that local man Pete Samuelson was pushed off a plate of buffalo wings by a much larger alpha male. “That poor little guy—as soon as the big one saw the meat, he came over and just muscled him off to the side,” said onlooker Marilou Baker, adding that Samuelson eventually managed to dart in at one point and snatch a bit of celery and blue cheese from the more dominant male. “The huge male just devoured those chicken wings. I doubt there’s going to be anything left for the smaller one but some scraps hanging from the bones.” At press time, Samuelson reportedly let out a pitiful little yowl, paid his bill, and scampered off.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chameleons doing more cool shit.

Maybe they got it high before the bubble popping adventure began.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Somebody (or bot) recently uploaded the entire Cyrusfx Impermenance track list to YouTube...

... most likely in an attempt to come up with a cheesy way to get money for YouTube advertisements.

While I am flattered that they chose my material out of the thousands of other random music artists on the internet, they should ultimately know better and that they are just wasting their time.

Even if people follow the links to Google Music, Amazon and iTunes and actually buy my albums or tracks, it won't help me because I don't get _ANY_ of that money! (regardless of how little my proper share should be.)

I would like to get back into music making, but at this point it costs too much to buy decent home recording studio gear, so I would just as soon work my piano chops back up and join a live band. The money is all in the gigs, anyway, and even that ain't a whole lot of money...

Here's a track that was composed entirely on the XL-7.. There's a few artifacts that were introduced during a step of their conversion process, but otherwise, yeah, this song is better than I remember it.