Thursday, December 31, 2015

Radiohead radiohead Radiohead

Happy New Radiohead everybody. I mean New Years. What are your top 3 Radiohead videos?

I have to go with:

 - Paranoid Android
 - Pyramid Song
 - Just

Honorable mention, worth seeing if you haven't yet:


  1. I know I haven't seen all the Radiohead videos, so I can only list my top 3 RH songs, but that's also pretty difficult, because I know my favorites keep changing over time.

    Here are my top 3 kinds of chowder:

    1.) Clam (New England)
    2.) Corn
    3.) Clam (Manhattan)

  2. Nah u posted that cuz you know I already named them all, sonnn...

    Except for Fade Out, Karma Police and No Surprises which are pretty awesome.