Friday, January 08, 2016

Jesus wept.

Today is David Bowie's 69th birthday.. Here's his next installment of weirdness for ya ear holes.

And I was wrong about his beats -- he uses a live drummer on all tracks.

His beats boy is fresh, too. Gotta keep your beats in the crisper lest they wilt.

Guiliana has been described by the New York Times as “a drummer around whom a cult of admiration has formed,” while Time Out London writes: "What happens when you add hard bop drum masters Elvin Jones and Art Blakey to a 1980s Roland 808 drum machine, divide the result by J Dilla and then multiply to the power of Squarepusher? Answer: Mark Guiliana."

And in case you wanted to understand how truly inferior you are to Mr. Bowie, there's this website that will perform that precise calculation for you:


  1. I guess he's going to wear that creepy blindfold with button eyes in all his new videos. Nice.

  2. Too bad he just passed on. At least he was able to pipe in one final wad of hot data before the end.

  3. Jesus Christ. Turns out, he knew he was dying of cancer for the last 18 months. And thats what this album is all about. Kinda puts both songs (especially this one) in perspective, don't it? Kinda makes for the most brilliant and emotionally engaging concept album ever.

    I was literally playing this song on a jukebox about half an hour after he died, before I had heard the news. You know me. I'm one of those people that tries to make sense out of things that seemingly don't make sense. But now it all makes perfect sense.